Standard Smarty Variables

Each template/view receives the following variables set by Exponent:

  • $smarty.const.CONSTANT_NAME (access to all system constants/defines)
  • $__view - the current view name
  • $__redirect - the 'back' url
  • $__loc - the 'location_data' object
  • $controller - the module's controller base name ($__name has been deprecated)
  • $asset_path - the pathname to the module's asset folder
  • $model_name - the module's model name ($modelname has been deprecated)
  • $model_table - the module's model table name
  • $config - the module's configuration settings array
  • $module_title - the module's title
  • $user - the current user object
  • $permissions - current user permissions for given module as an array
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