More Smarty Tags


Here are some custom tags and a few standard built-in ones which are used less frequently.  The more common smarty tags are found here.

More Smarty Tags Guide

brightness modifer

The brightness modifier is used to calculate a lighter/darker hex color from the one being passed.  It can be up to 255 steps darker or 255 steps lighter.  This example increases the color brighness by 20 steps.


comments function

The comments function is designed to display any comments assigned to the specified record along with a comment entry form


comments_count function

The comments_count function is used to display the number of comments assigned to the specified record


contrast modifier

The contrast modifier returns an appropriate contrasting text color for the hex background color being passed.  The optional parameters are" dark color to use (default is black/#000000), light color to use (the default is white/#FFFFFF, and use 'YIQ' calculation method.


currency modifier

The currency modifier is used to display the specified number in the current currency as assigned within the site configuration eCommerce settings.  The default number of decimal places is 2.


exponent_sessions_get function

{exponent_sessions_get} retrives a session variable and assigns it to a templatevariable of the same name.


getnav function

{getnav} returns menu hierarchy data in the requested format with the requested items and assigns it to a variable.  This is typically used in menus or other navigation displays.  The 'type' of data returned is:


highlight modifer

The highlight modifier attempts to highlight the passed text containing the requested term.


if_elements block

{if_elements} returns the block if an array is not empty.  The passed parameter is 'array'.


nobreak modifier

The nobreak modifer converts all regular spaces in the passed string into non-breaking spaces ( )


pop block

The pop plugin makes a simple popup box.  This is handy if you need to notify visitors of something immediately when they visit the page.  Has a built in cookie, so it will only display once, and when closed a visitor can refresh the page without being irritated with a repeated message.


tags_assigned function

The tags_assigned function is used to display assigned tags on the record


toggle block

{toggle} is used to create a block of text that can be displayed or hidden by clicking on the 'link' text.  You may also add a 'summary' for a condensed entry when collapsed.  Toggle blocks may not be nested.