Creating Variations to Themes in Exponent CMS


Even though an Exponent web site can only apply one theme at any given time, there are several methods which allow you to create variations to the current theme or easily create a similar theme with a different style/color.

Theme Variations Guide


Subthemes allow a designer to create variations to the main theme (template) that may be more appropriate for some pages.  In practice, subthemes typically differ from the main (default) theme by adding or removing columns.


Router Maps

Want to give Google a better URL to play with? Tweak your URL with Router Maps.  Though a sample router_maps.php file is not shipped with exponent, you'll find several below.  There is a system router_maps.php file which takes precedence over other router maps, but it currently has no active router maps.  You should run a 'Regenerate Search Index' after updating any router map to update the search hit links.


Action Maps

Need the action of certain modules to use a different subtheme? Use Action Maps to tell what theme variation to use.


Theme Style Variations

A theme may have multiple style variations by using one or more separate sets of css stylesheets which will be used to override the default styles.  Even though only one of these styles may be active at a time, it makes it easier than creating an entirely new theme and is contained in the same theme folder.


Mobile Theme Variation

A theme may have a mobile (small device) variation by using one or more separate theme template files.  If available, these mobile templates are selected and used for mobile browsers in place of the standard theme or subtheme templates. Whenever the site determines it's being veiwed on a small device or is forced into 'mobile' mode, an additional link is placed at the bottom of each page to allow switching between the 'mobile' and 'classic' view.  There is a 'Force Mobile' setting on the Site Configuration Display tab to aid in developing mobile theme variations on large screen devices such as PC's.