Troubleshooting Migration Problems


Some quick pointers that may help you overcome migration issues that have occured on some Exponent systems.

Migration Troubleshooting Guide

Migrated calendar events don't appear in some views

If you migrated any calendar module(s) and the events don't appear in the Month, Month List, Week, or Day events, HOWEVER, they appear in the Upcoming Events or Administration views, you will need to set the site's time zone to the time zone used on the old site.  You can do this using the Display tab of Site Configuration.


Migration Fails/Stops because it 'Times Out'

If you are attempting to migrate from a remote site (not on the same server), you might need to first Export the 0.9x database from the old site using phpMySQLAdmin or some other database tool, then Import that file into a temporary database on the new server.


Migrated YouTube Videos cover drop-down menus

Since there was no YouTube module in 0.9x, YouTube videos were likely embedded as a Code Snippet.


I've migrated my site, but now the graphics are missing

If after migration it seems that all your graphics are missing, it could be one of two problems:


Migrated items don't seem to appear, or disappear after editing an item

Because Exponent 2.0 uses 'aggregation instead of the 0.9x concept of 'reused content', there isn't a one-for-one migration.


What happened to re-usable content?

Exponent v0.9x allowed you to 're-use' content which essentially allowed you to place the same module on several pages.  In Exponent 2.0, this feature is no longer available since it didn't always work as expected when it came to having a different view or settings for each of the 're-used' modules.


I want to migrate my YouTube and Media modules to the new Media Player module

Since the new Media Player module is under-tested, we don't automatically migrate YouTube and Media modules into the Media Player module, but continue to migrate them into the soon to be deprecated YouTube and FlowPlayer modules.  HOWEVER, you can easily perform a site upgrade after the migration to convert them to Media Player modules (or use the new 'Run Upgrade Scripts' command from the Exponent menu and select that script to run).