Management of an Exponent CMS Web Site


In this area you'll find information about administrative tasks needed to manage and maintain your web site.

Site Management Guide

User Management

You can manage user accounts and groups of users by creating or editing their accounts and by granting or restricting access to areas or features of the site.


File Management

The File Manager allows you to manage all the attachments, downloads, inserted graphics, and other files uploaded to the site.  It also allows you to upload additional files to the site.


Restricting Section or Page Access

Exponent can easily be set up to only show some areas of the site to anonymous users and open up other areas of the site to registered users.This feature is not available when using 'Simple Permissions.'


Permission Management

Exponent has a very robust permissions system which helps the administrator determine and control 'who' may do 'what' on the site. This control can be regulated for an individual user or for groups of users. Permission can be granted at the page, container (collection of modules on a page), or module level. Furthermore, assigned permissions cascade down to subordinate objects such as sub-pages, containers on the page, modules in the container, etc...


Database and File Management

In many cases it is a good practice to have a backup for the web site, so it may be restored in the event of a catastrophic failure. While a MySQL database dump and a simple server folder/file archive would suffice, Exponent has two methods to help the Site Administrator who may or may not have server access to perform these functions