Upload Files

The Upload Files Manager allows you to upload one or more files to your website.  After uploading, they are managed using the File Manager.

The maximum size of an uploaded file is displayed in a message near the top of the screen.  This limit is set by the web server.

Selecting files to upload using the Drag and Drop into the browser window

  • New to v2.1.1 is a drag and drop feature if HTML5 supported by the browser.  If this feature is supported, the 'Uploader Type' displayed in the lower left will show 'Uploader type: html5', otherwise it will display 'Uploader type: flash' and you will need to use the buttons at the top of the display.
  • When dragging a file into the window, you'll need to drag it to the upper half, the indicator will turn yellow when you are over the 'drop target'

Selecting files to upload using the traditional (Flash) method

  • Click the Select Files button to select one or more files for uploadl.  You may do this multiple times.  As you add files for upload, they are listed in the window.

You may set the folder or grouping of the uploaded files using the drop-down list, or you may create a new folder using the entry blank and hitting enter or clicking on the 'Create New Folder' button.

You may optionally resize images by checking that box and entering a maximum width in the box.  This only applies to Images, and will only reduce large graphics, NOT enlarge them.

Click the Upload Files button to begin the actual upload process. The thermometer gauge advances as each file is uploaded and turns from red to green when the upload is completed.  You'll also see a message from the server when the file is saved and if it was resized.

Click the Back to Manager button to return to the File Manager.  You're newly uploaded files will now be available for use.

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File Manager (traditional)

The (traditional) File Manager is used to manage all the files associated with or referenced by the content on the web site.  From the file manager you can edit various aspects of the file, upload additional files, or select them for use inside a module.