Adding Modules to a Page

How To Add Modules To a Page

Site Administrators and users with the proper permissions can add content Modules anywhere a Container Module is located on a particular Section/Page.

Adding a new content Module to a page is a simple, three-step process for Site Administrators:

Step 1
Add New Module in Exponent CMS

The first step in adding a new Exponent CMS content Module to a page is to locate a Container Module and click on the "Add Module" link.

Step 2
Add New Module Configuration Exponent CMS

Once the Site Administrator has clicked on the "Add Module" Link, the Administrator now has the option to give the new module a title (in Exponent CMS, the Module title field coincides with the Header 1 <h1> tag in HTML) ...

The Administrator can then:

  • Select the type of content that will be displayed on the page
  • Select the Action the content will perform on the page
  • Select the View the content will be displayed in on the page
Once all of these configuration options have been completed, hit the "Save" button.
Step 3
New Exponent CMS ModuleOnce the "Save" button has been selected, the Site Administrator will be able to see the new Module they have added to the Section/Page on their Exponent CMS website.


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