checkbox Control - checkboxcontrol Class

The checkbox control places a checkbox in the form.  It uses the checkboxcontrol class in the forms/controls folder.

The checkbox control accepts several parameters:

  • name (required)
  • value
  • id - (default is to use name)
  • flip - should the label be placed before the checkbox?
  • default - (default is to use value) should the box be checked?
  • required - is this control required to be filled in?
  • nowrap - should the label be allowed to wrap?
  • tabindex
  • accesskey
  • disabled
  • caption
  • jsHooks
  • newschool - use the new checkbox style? which adds the following params
    • checked - for new checkbox style only
    • postfalse
    • postfalse
    • size
    • class
    • filter
    • readonly
    • onclick
    • onchange

An example of the checkbox control:

{control type=checkbox name="hidetext" label="Hide Title and Body text in slides" checked=$config.hidetext value=1}
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