Database Settings to Migrate Your Old Site

The first step in transferring the data from your old web site is to enter the database connection settings for your older ExponentCMS version 0.9x web site.

You can find most of this information in the "Configure Site" page on your old site which is a link on your Site Administration page.

While "localhost" may be an acceptable server name, it refers to the server on which ExponentCMS 2.0 is running.

Unlike the export/import EQL data, the ExponentCMS 2.0 database structure is very different from the version 0.9x and requires manipulation through migration process to work.

Though it is possible to migrate "in-place" on the same server, it requires either using a different Database Name or different Exponent Table Prefix.

You can optionally select to perform some minor fixes to make the migration work better. These changes will NOT cause a problem with your old 0.9x site, and may actually correct some things if you continue to run the older site.  When working with slow connections, this may cause the process to 'timeout.'

When you Save the configuration, the connection to the old database is tested,

Next, you'll want to Migrate the Users and Groups.

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