Credit Card Payment Setup

(CAUTION) This payment type may not be available or may not work correctly.  It requires manual payment processing.  It is intended to split the credit card information between the web site database and and email sent to a selected administrator to provide the utmost in security (the card info is not stored in any one location).  This payment type is intended for either manual processing locally or as a POS (Point of Sale) type installations where the customer interacts with a cashier who interacts with the web site.  Here's how to setup Credit Card as a payment option.

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e-Commerce Payment Options

As an overview of 'Payment' options in e-Commerce...for e-Commerce to work, at least one of the payment options must be active.  However multiple types may be active to allow customer checkout options. The 'payment' is how the goods or services offered, are paid for.  Exponent provides several options; some of which perform the actual transaction (transfer of funds) online, while others simply record the type of transaction to be processed outside of or apart from Exponent.