Display Settings

These settings determine the character of the web site and how the pages and items are displayed. 

The Display Language setting allows you to change the default language for the site.  Exponent is currently being translated into languages other than English.

The Reverse the Logic of Hide Module Title Setting does as it states.  In Exponent, module titles are required (necessary for the user to be able to locate modules among all the modules on the site). The Exponent default is to display Module Titles unless display is disabled within that module.  For some sites, Modules Title are not normally needed, which requires a lot of user action to disable/hide them.  This setting makes it easier for the admin to determine the best default logic for the site.

The Force Display of the Mobile Theme Variation setting forces the system to treat any device an admin user uses to browse the site as a mobile device.  This is very helpful when designing mobile theme variations.  Whenever the site is in 'mobile' mode, an additional link is placed at the bottom of each page to allow switching between the 'mobile' and 'classic' view.

The Theme determines the overall look and style of the site, however you can preview themes and select style variations by using the theme manager

The Display Formats determines the style in which entries are attributed.

The Attribuion Display determines how the user/editor will be attributed to comments and posts on the site

The Date/Time Format determines the style in which combined date and times are displayed.

The Date Format determines the style in which dates are displayed.

The Time Format determines the style in which times are displayed.

The Start of Week determines which day is used to display the first day of the week.

The Default TimeZone selection is normally selected from the server, but can be overridden if you server resides in a different timezone than your organization.

The Default Admin Slingbar Position determines whether the 'Exponent" menu appears at the top or bottom of the screen.  The menu can be 'dragged' to the other location.

The Thumbnail JPEG Quality setting allows control over the quality (size) of the jpeg thumbnails.  A lower quality thumbnail is smaller in size.

The Use ajax paging if available setting allows for in-place updates of items or pages instead of loading the entire page. This feature is not available for all modules or pages, but may speed up or enhance the display of some pages.

The Support Obsolete Browsers setting loads extra scripts which allow for users with obsolete web browsers to better display pages using newer web page features. It is recommended you encourage your users to use a modern web browser as older browsers have numerous security issues.

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