Order Processing

Once customers have placed orders, you will need to act on them.  You can see a notification of new orders in several ways:

  • via an email message if you have turned on this setting within the Store Configuration
  • a number of new orders next to the Order Quickfinder in the E-commerce menu
  • a number of new orders next to the View Orders menu item

All 'open' submitted orders ('new' orders and those being processed) are listed in the 'Manage Orders' view.  You may also display 'closed' orders using the link at the top of that view. 

To view or edit an order, click on that order. The order 'Receipt' tab is initially displayed providing details about the order.

  • When you first receive the new order, you would typically want to change the order 'status' using the 'Order History' tab to show you have received the order and are acting on it, so it should no longer be considered a 'new order'.  
  • You may choose to send an email to the customer notifying them of the change in order status, along with an optional note.  Clicking on the 'Save change' button will complete the order status change.
    • If your default 'Order Type' is set to email the customer, the customer would've been sent an email when the order was submitted.
  • Once you validate the payment has been received, you would want to update the 'Payment Info' on the 'Receipt' tab entering a 'payment_status' of 'paid', 'authorized', or something similar.  Click on the 'Save Payment Info' to update the payment status.  Then moving to the 'Order History' tab, you'd update the order status to a 'payment received' code and click on 'Save change' to update the status, optionally sending the customer an email notification you have received payment.
  • Once the order has been packaged and shipped, you would want to enter a 'Tracking #' and 'Date Shipped' on the 'Shipping Information' tab.  Then moving to the 'Order History' tab, you'd update the order status to a 'shipped' code and likely send an email to the customer including the shipping information which will add a package tracking link.  'Save change' will update the status and send that email.  This will 'close' the order.
    • If the order is not merchandise, such as an event reservation or donation, you would likely change the order status to 'complete' since 'shipped' isn't relevant.This will also 'close' the order.
  • If for some reason you need to cancel the order, change it's status to 'canceled' which will 'close the order.  Depending on the payment type, you would also use the 'billing information' are to activate or note a 'refund' to the customer.
  • If you need to email the customer for other reasons about the order, you would select the 'Notes & Communications' tab to create an email optionally attaching the invoice.  All outgoing notes will be listed at the bottom of that tab.
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