FedEx Shipping Setup

It is possible to interact with the FEDEX web site to obtain shipping costs.  The information can then be available in the checkout process to allow the customer to choose the type of shipping and calculate and apply the cost of the shipping to the order.  However, it does not automate the process of obtaining shipping labels or package pickup.  Here's how to setup FEDEX as a shipment option.

Now enter the data into Exponent:

  • Select Store Setup, Manage Shipping Options from the Exponent menu
  • Click on the 'Configure' icon of the FEDEX Shipping item
  • Enter all your FEDEX data into the 'FEDEX Settings' tab
    • You may select test mode for troubleshooting, but it is of little value to non-developers
  • On the 'Shipping Methods' tab, select the FEDEX shipping methods you plan to provide
  • On the 'My Info' tab you MUST enter the shipping origin address for shipment cost calculations.
  • On the 'Shipping Defaults' tab, enter the default package size which will be used to calculate the shipping cost when that data is missing from the product.
  • Save your settings
  • Activate the FEDEX shipping option and if it will be the 'recommended' shipping method, click on the 'default' button.
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e-Commerce Shipping Options

As an overview of 'Shipping' options in e-Commerce,.. 'Goods' purchased through e-Commerce must be transferred to the customer (unlike services). At least one of the shipping options must be active, however multiple types may be active to allow customer (and merchant) options. Exponent provides several options; NONE of which perform actual shipment processing (obtain a shipping label, schedule a package pickup, etc...) online. In a basic sense, the shipping method only provides an estimated cost of shipping and handling to the customer which is paid during checkout. The actual processing of the shipment is handled outside of or apart from Exponent.