File Manager Settings

These settings select and configure the File Manager used to manage files (traditional or elFinder) available to the web site content.

The File Manager selections allows a choice between the Exponent 'traditional' file manager or the more modern elFinder file manger. You may also select the theme used by the elFinder manager.

The Prefer MS Office for Doc Previews uses MS OFfice for file previews instead of the default Google apps

The Popup Window Width and Popup Window Height settings determine the size of the window.

The Number of Files per page setting determines the number of files displayed per page.

The Number of Simultaneous Uploads setting determines how many files are uploaded simultaneously during a multiple file upload scenario.

The Show Image Thumbnails setting determines if a thumbnail is displayed next to the filename for graphics files.

The Thumbnail Size setting determines the size of the thumbnail.

The Uploader Default Max Width/Height to Downsize Graphics setting determines the default size for the optional 'resize on upload' feature.

The Quick Add settings determines how the Quick Add feature works:

  • Force Quick Add to Downsize Graphics to Max Width/Height will force all quick uploads to be resize to the specified max width/height or use 0/blank to disable the feature
  • Select the Quick Add Upload Folder determines the virtual folder for all quick uploads with the root folder being the default
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