Flat Rate Shipping Setup

Flat Rate is a shipping option which allows you to set a specific shipping and handling rate for all orders regardless of the size to total cost of the order.  It has a single setting to set the Flat Rate Shipping & Handling Charge.

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e-Commerce Shipping Options

As an overview of 'Shipping' options in e-Commerce,.. 'Goods' purchased through e-Commerce must be transferred to the customer (unlike services). At least one of the shipping options must be active, however multiple types may be active to allow customer (and merchant) options. Exponent provides several options; NONE of which perform actual shipment processing (obtain a shipping label, schedule a package pickup, etc...) online. In a basic sense, the shipping method only provides an estimated cost of shipping and handling to the customer which is paid during checkout. The actual processing of the shipment is handled outside of or apart from Exponent.