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In addition to the information here, you may find additional information about Form Controls here. The following controls are available within the Form Designer

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Color Selector

This control allows selection of a 'color' which will be stored as a 6 digit hexadecimal number (#FF2213)



Allows selection of a specific date stored as unixdatetime. There are several different widgets available to gather this input.


Drop Down List

Allows selection of an entry from a drop down list. This list can either be an admin created list specific to the control, or one of the built-in lists of countries and/or regions/states.


File Upload Field

This control allows a file to be uploaded to the site. If it is an image, it will be displayed, otherwise a link to the uploaded file will be presented. CAUTION! You want to use this control carefully as it could open up your site to possible compromise! You must set the 'Accept' field to limit the types of files allowed to be uploaded.


Form Page Break (Wizard)

This control allows you to break a long form into multiple pages (i.e., a wizard). Placing this control on a form converts it to a multi-page form. Place this control between the controls on different pages. It will also attempt to add/fix issues with misplaced controls...e.g., you should place a page control at the top of the form (page 1) for this feature to work.



This control allows selection of an item using a checkbox or radio button. It is similar to the drop-down list, but displayed differently.



Allows adding static (non-form data entry) onto the form. Things like instructions, and other visual items.


Text Area

Allows long text entry, either unformatted or formatted. The WYSIWYG editor is determined by the Site Configuration.


Text Box

Allows entry of a single line of text (word or sentence). The variations allow for restricted entry which much match the type. The Number and Number Range present a different widget (browser specific) to allow adjusting the number.