Free Shipping Setup

This shipping option is the easiest to use and set up.  It implies you either incur no shipping cost or that you absorb the shipping cost across sales.  Here's how to setup Free Shipping as a shipment option.

  • There are only two settings for this shipping option which determine the display name in the checkout process.
  • You must activate this shipping option for it to be available in the check out process.
  • If this is the default or only shipping option, 'default' should be selected.  This is somewhat automated when activating a shipping option if a default option does not exist.
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e-Commerce Shipping Options

As an overview of 'Shipping' options in e-Commerce,.. 'Goods' purchased through e-Commerce must be transferred to the customer (unlike services). At least one of the shipping options must be active, however multiple types may be active to allow customer (and merchant) options. Exponent provides several options; NONE of which perform actual shipment processing (obtain a shipping label, schedule a package pickup, etc...) online. In a basic sense, the shipping method only provides an estimated cost of shipping and handling to the customer which is paid during checkout. The actual processing of the shipment is handled outside of or apart from Exponent.