General Site Configuration

These are the basic settings for the web site that determine it's overall identity.

The Site/Organization Name is used as the web site title and name, which is typically the short name for the site.

The Site Title is used at the default title in browser windows.  Typically this is more descriptive and includes the Site/Organization Name.

The Site Header is used in many themes as the sub-header byline.

The Search Engine Friendly URLs setting is the preferred method tor generating simple links.  This requires that URL Rewriting be turned on at the web server.  If you have problems getting to pages other than the home page, you may have to turn this setting off until you can resolve the server issue.

The Advertise all RSS Feeds to Web Browsers setting will provide a list of all site RSS feeds to the modern browsers so they may be displayed in a browser specific list.

The Skip Automatic Online Version Update Check setting will turn off the check for new versions of Exponent and the display of any information which pertains to the check. You may perform the version update check by using the command under the Super-Admin Tools menu.

The Default Section (Home Page) is the page you want your site url to be sent to.  While in most cases this will be the 'Home' page, you can optionally choose any other page.

The (Meta) Keywords and (Meta) Description aid search engine indexing of your site.

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