I installed v2.2.0 and now my site formatting is messed up

Most likely your theme template(s) (don't forget the subthemes) or custom views make reference to deprecated YUI 'reset' stylesheet names or constants.  The YUI 'reset' stylesheets still exist, but under a different name, and the YUI path constants were renamed for consistency with other 'path' constants.  This article explains how to update your custom theme template(s).

The 'Reset' stylesheet names have been deprecated for quite some time (apparently) and were finally removed in YUI v3.10.0.  Since many of the older themes use YUI reset(s) instead of the new 'normalize' standard, here's the changes you'll need to look for and make in the expTheme::head() call at the top of your theme templates (and subthemes) (note the additional 'css' at the beginning of the filename!)

  • cssreset/reset-min.css has become cssreset/cssreset-min.css
  • cssreset/fonts-min.css has become cssfonts/cssfonts-min.css
  • cssreset/grids-min.css has become cssgrids/cssgrids-min.css

We have finally removed the deprecated YUI path constants for consistency with other path constants.  These were typically used to load scripts or stylesheets in the theme templates (also subthemes) and custom views)

  • JS_FULL is now JS_URL
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