I upgraded to v2.3.0 and now my page styling is different

In v2.3.0, we fixed the loading of framework library, Exponent CMS system, and theme styling to take place in the correct order so that style cascading is implemented correctly.  In previous versions, this was the intent, but in some cases didn't work that way.  Here is the sequence of stylesheet loading:

  1. Primer CSS: this is where we (normally) load the framework library styles such as Twitter Bootstrap, etc...
  2. Core CSS: this is where we load the Exponent system styles
  3. Module CSS: this is where most of the styles found in the view templates is loaded
  4. Theme CSS: finally the styles in the theme are loaded so they have priority over all the previously loaded styles.

Therefore, your output style may have been affected by a lower lever style being loaded later that designed, thereby overriding a higher leverl style.  The fix is to correctly adjust your theme styles, where '!important' is not needed as much as in the past.

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