Installing the Package Using FTP

Most Site Administrators have at least FTP access to their web server.  This method takes longer, but it generally available in most cases.

  1. Obtain a copy of the Exponent CMS package, preferably the most current release.
  2. Unzip the package to a folder on your computer.
  3. Open up the website ftp folder.  You may have to change the directory to the one with all the web files such as your domain name or 'public_html'. Most modern operating systems allow you to do this as if working with a local folder.
  4. Copy all the files from the package to the ftp site.  Most modern operating systems allow you to do this as if copying to a local folder.
  5. Once copied, you'll need to change the permissions for some of the new folders/files
    • The following must have group read and write access (chmod 775, or Owner read/write/execute, Group read/write/execute, and All Users read/execute) NOTE: some servers only allow a 755 permission and a 775 will not allow the installation to work!
      • /framework/conf/
      • /framework/conf/config.php
      • /framework/conf/profiles/
      • /files/
      • /files/extensionuploads/
      • /files/uploads/
      • /files/avatars/
      • /install/
      • /tmp/ (and all it's folders)
  6. Next move to the Create a Database step.
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Installing the Software

The first step in using Exponent CMS is to get the package or files onto your web server.  There are several methods which are listed below.