Installing the Software

The first step in using Exponent CMS is to get the package or files onto your web server.  There are several methods which are listed below.

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Installing/Maintaining the Package Using Git (SSH)

The recommended method to install and maintain Exponent is to use 'git' from an ssh shell.  Not only will this download the files it also makes it easier to update the program in the future


Installing the Package Using CPanel

Some Site Administrators manage their web server using CPanel.  This method provides an easy user interface.


Installing the Package Using SSH

Many Site Administrators have shell or SSH access to their web server, but may not have 'git' installed.  Though not as simple as using git, his method can be the easiest one if you are comfortable with using the command line.


Installing the Package Using FTP

Most Site Administrators have at least FTP access to their web server. This method takes longer, but it generally available in most cases.


Downloading the Package

If you are not using the 'Git' or 'SSH' methods of installation, you'll need the file package for Exponent CMS, which is found at, which contains all current and previous versions.