Module Philosophy

Module Philosophy

Exponet CMS ModulesIn Exponent CMS, every content Module(s) will always be contained within a Container Module. Each page will have at least one container module. The container module the blue chromed module embedded in the website Section/Page. Text modules are very simple: they can contain formatted text and images, and any part of the text can be programmed as a link to another Section/Page, or site. Most other modules have considerably more features than the text module. A calendar module, for instance, includes several options for Views, posting, and scheduling events.

All content Modules (other than Container Modules) are movable, and may be edited or deleted. You can change where they exist on a page and in what section; you can add unlimited instances of the same type of module (or the exact same module, i.e. with the same content) in any location. Reusing content through Aggregation is one of the real strengths of Exponent CMS. To give an example, you may be using a news feed module on your News page. To display the Latest News headlines on the homepage, you add a news module to the homepage and configure the module to pull in the existing content from the news module on the News page. There are several Views available for news feeds so you choose a view that displays the information the way you want.

You can remove any content Module that is no longer useful or no longer relevant. Unused modules can be saved in an archived Recycle Bin and used/restored for later use if needed. Modules are, quite literally, the building blocks that connect to form a useful, well-organized site.

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