e-Commerce Online Donations Module Setup

Here's how to set up your site to allow visitors to make Online Donations. 

  1. First, you must complete the initial setup of eCommerce.
    • The type of 'shipping option' you activate is irrelevant, since 'donations' are not 'shipped.'  However, you MUST active one of them for the purchase process to fully complete.  'Free' shipping is the simplest to set up.
    • (CAUTION) You MUST only activate a payment option(s) which forces your customer to provide payment.  Exponent e-Commerce can be used as a POS (Point of Sale) type system and several of the payment options require the payment take place in-person.
  2. Then activate the 'Online Donations' module and insert it on a page.  There is only one action 'showall' and one view 'Default'
  3. Create a new Donation Cause from that module
    • Enter a title, description, price, and an image for the donation cause
    • The price will either be the minimum donation, or if you set the module option of 'Bypass the enter amount screen when adding to cart'  becomes the set amount of the donation.
  4. The donation cause now appears within the module.  If you wish to have a set donation amount, change the 'Bypass...' module configuration setting On.  You may have more than one donation cause, however all donation causes will appear in any instance of the Online Donation module.

If you've correctly set up eCommerce, your payment option (PayPal Express is the simplest), you are all set for site visitors to donate to your cause(s).

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