PHP Version Support

PHP — this is the programming language in which Exponent CMS is written. PHP support should be included with most web hosting packages. Here's a matrix of what Exponent versions support which PHP versions

PHP Version Support Added Support Removed
v5.2 v2.0 v2.3.3
v5.3 v2.0 v2.4.2
v5.4 v2.0.7 v2.4.2
v5.5 v2.2.1 v2.5.0
v5.6 v2.3.1 v3.0.0
v7.0 v2.3.7 v3.0.0
v7.1 v2.4.2 v3.0.0
v7.2 v2.4.2 v3.0.0
v7.3 v2.5.0 v3.0.0
v7.4 v2.5.1 patch 1  
v8.0 v2.6.0  
v8.1 v2.7.0  
v8.2 v2.7.0patch2  
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Requirements for Running Exponent CMS

Before you can run Exponent CMS, there are four components you must have installed on your computer or web hosting environment: