Import Products

This command allows you to import (or update) products into your e-Commerce store.  It requires the format used by the E-Commerce, Reports, Build a Product Report command.  The csv file format is (MUST BE) as follows:

Import Product CSV File Format
Field # Description
0 Product ID # (from Exponent)
1 Parent Product ID # (for child products)
2 Child Product Rank (for child products)
3 Title
4 Body (html description)
5 Model (SKU)
6 Warehouse Location
7 SEF URL to use
8 Meta Title
9 Meta Keywords
10 Meta Description
11 Tax Class ID # (from Exponent)
12 Quantity (current inventory)
13 Availability Type ID # (from Exponent)
14 Base Price
15 Special (Discounted) Price
16 Use the Special Price (0 or 1)
17 Active Type ID # (from Exponent)
18 Product Status ID # (from Exponent)
19 Category #1 title
20-30 Categories #2 to #12 titles
31 Surcharge (extra cost to handle/ship)
32 Category Rank (applied to all categories)
33 Product Feed Title (Google, etc...)
34 Product Feed Body (Google, etc...)


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