Security Settings

These settings help prevent "hacking" your web site (not to be confused with anti-spam).

The Account Password Strength settings determine the minimum requirements for new passwords.

The Enable Session Timeout setting determines if users are automatically logged out after a period of inactivity.

  • The Session Timeout in Seconds setting determines the number of seconds of inactivity before a user is automatically logged off.

The Default File & Directory Permissions settings determine permissions given to new files/folders when created.

The Enable SSL (https://) Support setting switches your web site to be used with SSL support.  You MUST have an SSL secure site using 'https://' when this is turned on or things like the Shopping Cart will be rejected since there is no server to respond.

The Disable Privacy Check setting may clear up some content display issues. Exponent normally checks to see if the content should be displayed based on user permissions, but in some cases is too stringent.

The XMLRPC setting allows access to remote blog editing. It must be turned on for remote blog editing to take place.

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