Super-Admin Tools

This menu is available to Super Administrators and contains many commands which allow you to manipulate the inner workings of the web site.

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Turn Error Reporting On/Off

This switch turns on "debugging" mode to assist in tracking down errors and help in Exponent CMS development.


Turn Logger On/Off

This command might be useful to developers debugging code. It forces the output of error messages to the error log which is /tmp/exponent.log.


Database Menu

Super Admin Database Commands


Migrate 0.9x Site

This command is used to migrate an older version of Exponent CMS to the this site. It has it's own help area found here.


Extensions Menu

Super Admin Extension Commands


System Cache Menu

Super Admin System Cache Commands


View Recycle Bin

This command displays a list of all the modules within the 'recycle bin' (those modules that have been deleted from a content page. You may permanently delete these items from the recycle bin if desired.


Turn Workflow On/Off

Workflow allows for additional moderation in a multi-user environment. It adds 'revisions' and 'approval' to supported modules (currently Blog, News, & Text). Turning Workflow ON adds some fields to associated tables, and turning it off removes those fields (and all revisions). A 'Workflow' enabled module can be identified on the Manage Modules view. Once 'Workflow' is activated, creating or updating module items behaves differently depending on the user's permissions.


Turn Maintenance Mode On/Off

This setting takes the web site offline or places it back online. It is useful if you are making major changes to the web site such as an upgrade.


Check for Updated Version

This command allows you to manually check for an new version of the Exponent CMS software. This check is normally only automatically performed once per session when a super-admin logs in. The automatic check may also be disabled within the Site Configuration. If a new version is available, you be provided the version number and offered a download link.


Test SMTP Mail Server Settings

A quick and simple test of SMTP Mail Server Settings. Runs a quick diagnostic to attempt to connect to the SMTP Mail Server. (Only appears when NOT use php mail())