Footer Info

This is how Exponent closes out the page in your theme.  This required call is the one which actually parses the css styling and places information about javascript onto the page.


It currently accepts several optional parameters.  

To 'hide' the Exponent menu (slingbar), use 'hide-slingbar'.


You may also load additional custom scripts with parameters normally passed to the expJavascript::pushToFoot() method or the {script} smarty tag.

  • 'unique' is a required name
  • 'src' is an optional javascript source url
  • 'content' is optional javascript source code
  • 'yui3mods' optionally allows loading of YUI modules
  • 'jquery' optionally allows loading of jquery, jqueryUI, or jquery addons/plugins
  • 'bootstrap' optionally allows loading of bootstrap (2 or 3) modules
    expTheme::foot(array("unique"=>"template","src"=>THEME_RELATIVE . "js/template.js"));


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