The Exponent Menu


In this area you'll find information about all those settings or screens available from the "Exponent" menu on the menu bar, aka: the Slingbar.

NOTE: The 'Slingbar' menu is only visible when an 'admin' or user with permissions (page 'View' doesn't count) is logged in.

Site Administration Tasks

About ExponentCMS

This menu item provides release information about the installed version of Exponent CMS.  It is important information when resolving problems, setup issues, or fixing bugs.  If you are an 'admin' user, it will also display the PHP version. ...

Configure Website

This displays settings which determine the "look and feel" of the web site.  It has it's own help area found here. ...

Site Management

This menu provides commands which help you easily manage various features of your web site such as comments, tags, forms, RSS feeds, and searches. ...