The e-Commerce Menu


In this area you'll find information about all those settings or screens available from the "e-Commerce" menu on the menu bar, aka: the Slingbar.  This menu contains all the commands needed to setup and maintain your site as an e-commerce store.

NOTE: The e-Commerce menu is only visible if e-Commerce or one of the e-Commerce modules (e-Commerce Store Front, Online Donations, or Online Event Registration) is activated


The e-Commerce module/menu documentation is not yet complete.  However, several fully functional e-Commerce web sites are operating with the e-Commerce module.

e-Commerce Menu Guide


The main menu item for e-Commerce actions also displays the number of new orders and a search box for finding orders.



This is the main display for working with an e-Commerce site giving quick access to the most needed commands and reports.



The Customer Manager allows you to create, edit, or delete site user accounts.


Reports menu

This menu provides commands to develop reports on various aspects of the eCommerce system.