Understanding Exponent CSS Stylesheets


Minification allows exponent to dynamically compress all your CSS (and/or Javascript) for faster page loading.  It also helps with poorly designed browers like Internet Explorer which will only load a limited number of style sheets easily breaking complex pages.


Integrating Styles in the Editor

By creating an additional stylesheet with your basic styles, they will be available and used within the WYSIWYG editor.


LESS Dynamic Stylesheets

LESS is a dynamic stylesheet language which extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions.  This functionality makes it much easier to create flexible stylesheets since redundant styles and style variations can be handled by the compiler/server instead of the designer.  Exponent (now) uses 'less.php' to pre-process or compile .less files into .css files which are used by the browser.  Web pages can ONLY use .css file, NOT uncompiled .less files.