How to Upgrade an Existing Exponent Web Site


Exponent CMS is an active project and it is continually being improved.  While many updates simply fix existing issues (a patch), there are constant improvements to help the site administrator better maintain a web site (version upgrades).

In a nutshell, the 'upgrade' procedure isn't much different than the 'installation' procedure.  However, there is some preparation which should take place before you preform an upgrade.

Upgrade Guides

Upgrade Preparation

While seasoned Exponent CMS experts can simply dive into an 'upgrade', most users will want to make adequate preparation BEFORE beginning the upgrade procedure.


Why Upgrade Versions

One of the most complicated questions is 'should you upgrade to the newer version?'  In most instances, you should upgrade to the most recent 'patch' issued for your current version.  Upgrading to a 'new version' (number) is more complicated:


Obtaining the Upgrade Package

Once you're completed your 'upgrade preparations', you can begin to install the updated files.


Running the Upgrade Process

Once you've completed your 'upgrade preparations' and installed the upgrade files, you are ready to begin the procedure.  If you are logged on as a super-administrator and your system detects you are upgrading a current installation, you'll be notified and given a link to launch the "Upgrade" wizard.  This process is no longer semi-automated as of version 2.0.4, but can be manually started by going to the install url (, but you must already be logged in as a super-administrator to begin the procedure.