Getting Started with an Exponent CMS Web Site


After the Site Administrator has Exponent CMS up and running on your web server, you'll need to begin making it become "your" site instead of an empty shell.

If you already know how to add content to your Exponent CMS web site, you'll want to set the Site-wide Configuration settings.

If you already have a functional website using an earlier version of Exponent CMS (v0.9x), you might want to skip to the  Site Migration information.

Getting Started Guide

Logging in

In order to make edits to your website content, you first must login using your administrator credentials.


Module Philosophy

Module Philosophy

Exponet CMS ModulesIn Exponent CMS, every content Module(s) will always be contained within a Container Module. Each page will have at least one container module. The container module the blue chromed module embedded in the website Section/Page. Text modules are very simple: they can contain formatted text and images, and any part of the text can be programmed as a link to another Section/Page, or site. Most other modules have considerably more features than the text module. A calendar module, for instance, includes several options for Views, posting, and scheduling events.


Page and Menu Management

A web site consists of pages.  Exponent creates dynamic menus and navigation views based on the easily arranged hierarchy of pages.  How to Add, Delete, Edit and Reorder Pages on Your Site. 


Module Management

Site content is created by first placing one ore more 'modules' on a page and then creating items within those modules. While each module is configured differently, the module is acted on by using the blue, green, or red menu located at the top of the module (called the 'chrome'). This menu displays the type of module, and when selected displays the module action and view along with other available commands.


Adding Modules to a Page

How To Add Modules To a Page

Site Administrators and users with the proper permissions can add content Modules anywhere a Container Module is located on a particular Section/Page.


Content Management

Site content is produced by creating items within a module already placed on a page. While each module is designed to manage different types of content, most modules operate in a standard standard fashion with regards to their items/content.