e-Commerce Management


These guides will help you build and manage your e-Commerce store once it is setup and configured.

e-Commerce Management Guides

The e-Commerce Menu

Help for using the e-Commerce menu is found here.


Store Category Management

Though it's not mandatory, it is recommended you establish categories to manage your products.


Product Manufacturer Management

Though it's not mandatory, it is recommended you add 'manufacturers' to better manage and group your products.


Order Processing

Once customers have placed orders, you will need to act on them. You can see a notification of new orders in several ways:


Product Management

As details about products (products, event registrations and donations) require updating such as quantity in stock, sale price, special prices or other details, this can be handled through the 'Manage Products' view.


Online Event Registration Management

The Online Event Registration module not only allows for 'booking' reservations, but also helping manage them.  Management of Event Registrations is handled using the 'Upcoming Events' menu.


Discount Management

You may want to provide your customers special incentives.


e-Commerce Reports

Because of the complexity of the e-Commerce system, it is best managed using the reports available.  Some reports are displayed in the browser, while others export comma separated value (CSV) data files.