How to Install an Exponent CMS Web Site


'Installation' is the first thing a Site Administrator needs to do, to get Exponent CMS up and running on their web server.

If you already have the site up and running, you'll next want to add some content.  You'll find that information in the Getting Started area.

If you've been notificed of a version upgrade or a patch to your existing installation, you'll find that information in the Upgrading Versions area.

Installation Guides

Installation Overview

The Exponent CMS installation process is mostly automated and requires four steps. There are also three installation or upgrade scenarios.


Creating the Exponent CMS Database

Before you can begin running the installation process, you must have created a database. MySQL is currently the only supported database. Because of security reasons, each web host tends to have a specific or limited method to create new databases,however the basic steps are:


Installing the Software

The first step in using Exponent CMS is to get the package or files onto your web server.  There are several methods which are listed below.


Requirements for Running Exponent CMS

Before you can run Exponent CMS, there are four components you must have installed on your computer or web hosting environment:


Running the Installation Process

If you've gotten to this point, the Exponent CMS package files are on the web server and you've created a database. The web-based Install Wizard should now be used to complete the installation (this is NO longer semi-automatic as of v2.0.4).


Installing 3rd Party Extensions

Exponent CMS can easily be specialized with custom themes and modules, or fixed with patches. This is done through the Upload New Extensions menu.