Migrating a v0.9x Site to v2.0


If you are already using an earlier version of Exponent CMS (0.9x) and want to upgrade it to version 2.0, you'll need to "migrate" the old site.  Exponent 2.0 is markedly different from earlier versions!  Not only on the surface, but especially it's inner workings, which requires some extensive modifications to use the older data format.  You can NOT simply 'upgrade' an old 0.9x site to 2.0 using the 'upgrade' process, but must instead first install a new Exponent 2.x site and then 'migrate' the database and files into the new 2.0 site.  Through the automated migration process, Exponent CMS is able to convert the older data and store it to the new site thereby making it fairly easy to convert a site or even move it to a new server.

Migration Guide

Database Settings to Migrate Your Old Site

The first step in transferring the data from your old web site is to enter the database connection settings for your older ExponentCMS version 0.9x web site.


Migrating Users and Groups

The second step to transfer your old 0.9x web site to this version of ExponentCMS is to copy over the user accounts and user groups.  The super-user admin account is not affected by this action.


Migrating Pages

After you've transferred user accounts and groups from your old 0.9x web site, the next step is to copy over the pages and menu structure. The home or default page is not affected by this action. This action does NOT copy the content found on pages.

Though it may be a somewhat difficult concept to understand, this step simply sets up the empty pages and menu structure on this new site. The content and structure of each page is accomplished in the Migrate Content step.


Tips to Follow after Migrating Files

After you've copied over the information about files, the files still need to be copied or moved into the 'files' folder.  The Migrate Files report screen provides an indication of whether Exponent CMS considers the file to already exist.


Migrating Files

This next step transfers file information from your old 0.9x web site. It does NOT copy or move any files! This file information includes the details about any graphics or other files used or referenced from inside your content.


Migrating Content

The last step in transferring the data from your old site to the new one is to Migrate Content. This process copies over the contents of your pages and all the items for each module.


Tips to Follow after Migrating Content

Though you've completed all of the migration steps and all of the usable data on your old site should now be on your new site, it may need to be tweaked to appear the way you want it to.


Updating Your Custom Theme

In most cases, you won't be able to simply copy and drop your old 0.9x theme into the new 2.x site and expect it to work (especially if you are running one of the newer versions of 2.0).  However there are some modifications you can make to help your theme transition also.  The guide is located here.