Tips to Follow after Migrating Content

Though you've completed all of the migration steps and all of the usable data on your old site should now be on your new site, it may need to be tweaked to appear the way you want it to.

The migration wizard attempts to configure each module to show the transferred content similar to the way it was on your old site, however there are many changes in ExponentCMS 2.0 that will prevent it from looking identical.

The report presented at the end of the Migrate Content process gives a good indication of how many items were transferred.  However, it may not represent an exact count since some data isn't displayed (expired content, etc...)

A good rule of thumb to follow at this point is to visit each page and confirm or adjust the configuration settings for each module.  You may also want to change the display option or view.  Again, it is highly unlikely the page will appear identical to the old page unless you are using highly customized theme.

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