Adding Products

How to add a product, event registration, or online donation item to your store.

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Adding a Product

How to add a product to your store.


Adding an Online Event Registration

How to add an event for online registration.


Adding on Online Donation

How to add an item used to solicit online donations.


Child Products

You many create child products to better manage and control product options.


Manage Product Options

You may provide user selectable options for your products/event registration which can define the type product selected (color, etc...) or at cost upgrades to a basic product (size, etc...)


Product Input Fields

(User) ‘Input Fields’ are handled differently across the different product types, but they provide for input fields which the user can enter information specific to the product ordered.  This could be something like a name to imprint on an item, or the name of the person making the reservation.


Product Extra Fields

Extra Fields’ allows you to specify some additional fields of information to display for this product instead of simply adding them to the description, etc…  Currently these are only displayed for child products