autocomplete Control - autocompletecontrol Class

The autocomplete control places a text box in the form with autocomplete support.  It uses the autocompletecontrol class in the forms/controls folder.

The autocomplete control accepts several parameters:

  • name (required)
  • schema
  • value
  • controller - (defaults to 'search')
  • action - (defaults to 'autocomplete')
  • searchmodel - (defaults to 'text')
  • searchoncol - (defaults to 'title')
  • jsinject  - a variable containing the 'captured' javascript callback code 

An example of the auotcomplete control:

{control type="autocomplete" controller="order" action="search" name="search_internal" value="Search customer name or email" schema="id,firstname,middlename,lastname,organization,email" searchmodel="addresses" searchoncol="firstname,lastnamename,organization,email" jsinject=$callbacks}
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