buttongroup Control - buttongroupcontrol Class

The buttongroup control places action buttons in the form which are used to process the form entries.  It is typically placed as the last control in the form.  It uses the buttongroupcontrol class in the forms/controls folder.

The buttongroup control accepts several parameters:

  • name (required)
  • submit - (default is 'Submit') text on submit button
  • cancel - (default is no cancel button) text on cancel button
  • returntype - (default is 'getLastNotEditable') - type of 'back' return to perform when closing form
  • disabled - disables control
  • id - (default is to use name)
  • onclick - (default is 'onclick="if (checkRequired(this.form)') - javascript function to run when clicked
  • validateJS - (default is '{ return true; }') - javascript function to run for form validation

An example of the buttongroup control:

{control type=buttongroup submit="Save Text" cancel="Cancel"}
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