Edit Content Page

Edit settings for a content page.  These settings determine the details about the page itself.


This is the text that will appear in the menu

Parent Page (N/A Standalone Pages)

Allows you to pick which page this one falls under in the menu,  A variation of the dragging-dropping in the tree.

Open in New Window

Open this page in a new browser windows when selected from the menu


Allow this menu link to work.  If unchecked, the item will still appear in the menu, but will not do anything.


Make this page visible to all users, even those who are not logged-in.  By default all pages are visible by everyone.  If you want to restrict page viewing, you must first uncheck this setting, and the set permissions for the page.

Theme Variation

Many themes have multiple layouts such as a different number of columns used, etc...  This setting allows you to select which layout is used for this page.


This allows selection of an optional graphic to be displayed with this menu item (if menu view displays graphics.

SEO Information

The next set of settings are used to aid search engines in finding and indexing content on your site


This is the link that will be used to address the page.  No spaces.

Canonical URL

This is a link which can be used to prevent duplicates in search engines.

Page Title

This setting also determines the words added to the browser menu bar.  This is in place of the Site Title set in Site Configuration

(Meta) Keywords

Keywords used to reference the site on search engines.

(Meta) Page Description

A longer description of content on the page for use with search engines.

Loading Help

Parent Help Topic

Edit this page

Allows you to edit the current page. If you are on an 'action' or dynamic page, you'll be editing the most recent page.