Event Reminders

This display allows you to set up your Events calendar to be used to send html/text formatted email reminders of upcoming events.  You'll need to also set up a 'cron' scheduled task on your web server to automate the sending of reminders, but it may be initiated manually within a browser.

To enable event reminders, you must first turn the feature on.  To prevent someone from creating an email flood, it is recommended you also set the Security Code which will then be required to actually send the reminder. 

Next, select the recipients of the events reminder email.  Also enter the information you want to use for the reminders email.  If you want events details to be included, select that setting.

You may also insert additional parameters, e.g.

(or with curl)
curl -G -d "id=1&days=14" -s

If ran from a browser, the script responds with either an error or displays a copy of the sent e-mail contents.

Variables (title or src is mandatory)

  • title - sef_url of calendar to use
  • src - src of the calendar to use
  • view - name of template to use (defaults to using _reminder)
  • time - unix time/date to start from (defaults to now)
  • days - number of days of events to pull (defaults to 7)
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