This feature allows you to add attachments to a module item such as a photo or file download.  You may select from several options of how the attachments are handled such as downloadable files, image gallery, image showcase, or image slideshow.  This should not be confused with the ability to insert graphics into an item using the WYSIWYG editor, nor with the additional management features of the File Download and Photo Album modules.

  • 'This module does not use files'
    • This selection prevents adding file attachments and their display.
  • Downloadable Files
    • This selection displays links below the content to download the attached files.  The 'File list title' entry is displayed as a header above the download links.
  • Gallery
    • This selection displays the attached graphics files as a gallery of photos.  The 'gallery' settings determine how that gallery is formatted.
  • Showcase
    • This selection is a variation of the 'gallery' where the 'focus' graphic is displayed at a larger size.
  • Slideshow
    • This selection displays the attached graphics files in a slideshow.

Again, it should be noted that these various methods of displaying attached files are somewhat limited in nature.  If you desire additional features, please use the appropriate module.

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