I'm attempting to upgrade my Exponent site and now the page is blank

If you were attempting to upgrade an Exponent installation where the older version was running smoothly, but now since you installed the newer version you only see a blank page...try the following.

  • Your web server is running too old a version of PHP: Ensure your web server is running at least PHP version 5.3.0 or later. While older version of Exponent would run on PHP version 5.2.x, newer versions MUST run on at least PHP version 5.3.0.
  • Your theme makes obsolete calls and crashes the page: You'll need to manually change the theme to one of the newer shipped themes:
    • Edit the config.php file found in either /conf/config.php or /framework/conf/config.php (depending on how far it got into the auto-upgrade process)
    • Look for the theme line 
    • Change the theme in the config.php to 'bootstrap3theme' to ensure you have a current theme, then save the file.
    • Now attempt to reload the page, then log in as admin, then you'll see the message to upgrade the database.
    • After you get the site updated and running you can attempt to fix your old theme using this help doc.
  • If you completed the above 2 items, but the Expoinent menu (slingbar) is missing: Simply log off, then log back onto the system.
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