Installing/Maintaining the Package Using Git (SSH)

The recommended method to install and maintain Exponent is to use 'git' from an ssh shell.  Not only will this download the files it also makes it easier to update the program in the future

  1. Shell into your site via ssh.
  2. 'cd' to the web site root folder.
  3. Make sure the folder is empty (or the next step will fail)
  4. 'git clone git://'
  5. 'touch install/not_configured'
  6. Next move to the Create a Database step.
  7. In the future, to update the version of Exponent, simply 'cd' to the web site root folder and enter 'git pull origin' which updates the package to the most current released version.
    • In the event you receive a 'merge conflict' or some other error, you should enter 'git stash' to store/hide any local changes you have made to the system files (this will not affect any changes made to your settings or custom theme).


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Installing the Software

The first step in using Exponent CMS is to get the package or files onto your web server.  There are several methods which are listed below.