Installing the Package Using CPanel

Some Site Administrators manage their web server using CPanel.  This method provides an easy user interface.

First, we'll Upload & Extract the Exponent CMS software to your web server using the domain management Control Panel, cPanel v11.

Extracting Note: If your Control Panel isn't able to extract the Exponent software archive, then you can always extract Exponent on your local computer and then FTP all the files to your web server.

Launch the File Manager

Return to the home page of your Control Panel and locate the Files section.

Click on the File Manager link.

The File Manager

The File Manager window should now be open. This contains a set of Menu Controls (1) across the top, a File Structure List (2) of your website on the left and an Active Folder List (3) on the right.

Note: What you see will vary depending on your hosting setup but the principles should be similar.

Set Active Folder

Using the File Structure list, open the folder you want to use for Exponent. In most cases that will mean putting it in the Public HTML folder for your website, but it can also happily run from another folder or sub-domain.

In this example we're going to upload the Exponent archive to the Public HTML folder.


Once you've selected the folder to house Exponent CMS, click the Upload button in the Menu Controls.

Upload Files

This opens the Upload Files popup. Check that the path for your files is correct, in this case /home/public_html/ (1).

Now click the Browse button.

Select the Folder

Use your computer's file browser to Select the Exponent archive.


Your screen should now indicate that the file is being Uploaded and when it's finished it should say 100% complete.

You can now close the Upload Files popup.

Set Active File

Using the right-hand Active Folder list, select the file package you just uploaded by clicking on the file icon.

Note: If you click on the file name then the File Manager will assume you want to rename the file. Just hit Escape to leave the file name intact.


Once you've selected the file, click the Extract button in the Menu Controls.

Check Path

This opens the Extract popup. Check that the extraction Path (1) is correct, then click Extract File(s).

Extraction Results

Once the files have been extracted you'll get a success message.

You can now close the Extraction Results popup.

Folder Created

You'll now find a new folder ??? in the Active Folder list. This folder contains the Exponent software.

If you want to run Exponent from another folder, or even your Public HTML folder (i.e. the web root), then just move all the files out of the archive folder to the correct location.

For this installation we'll leave the files where they are.

Rename Folder

In order to make the website more accessible, we're going to rename the folder ??? to just plain old exponent.

Using the right-hand Active Folder list, click on the file name ??? and when prompted type in the new name exponent.

Then hit Return.

File Permissions

If you used cPanel v11 to upload and extract Exponent then your File Permissions should be set correctly so you can skip this step.

If you have used a different version of cPanel or another FTP process, then you may need to manually change these permissions. For Exponent the following files and folders should have their permissions set to 755:

  • /framework/conf/
  • /framework/conf/config.php
  • /framework/conf/profiles/
  • /files/
  • /files/extensionuploads/
  • /files/uploads/
  • /files/avatars/
  • /install/
  • /tmp/ (and all it's folders)

Changing File Permissions

To change permissions with cPanel use the following instructions:

Select the File

In the right-hand active folder list, select the folder /conf/ by clicking on it's folder icon.

Menu Controls

Once you've selected the folder, click the Change Permissions button in the Menu Controls.

Change Permissions

When the Change Permissions popup appears, tick the boxes necessary to set the permissions to 755.

Then click the Change Permissions button.

Now do the same for the other folders and files in the list above.

Hint: If your browser supports it, then you can select multiple files and change all the permissions at once.

Next move to the Creating the Exponent CMS Database step.

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Installing the Software

The first step in using Exponent CMS is to get the package or files onto your web server.  There are several methods which are listed below.