Mail Server Settings

This settings are required to allow ExponentCMS to actually send out e-mails.  They are web server specific.

The 'From Address' is the default address used when sending emails from the site.

The 'Use simplified php mail() function instead of SMTP' setting tells the system to use a simple way to send mail.  It's intended as the 'easy one-click mail server setup' option (if it works). This feature may NOT work in the newer versions of PHP running on the server.

  • The php mail() function is not particularly predictable.
  • Quite notably, the mail() function behaves entirely differently between Linux and Windows servers. On Linux it uses sendmail, but on Windows it uses SMTP.
  • In order for the mail() function to even work at all, the php.ini needs to be configured correctly, specifying the location of sendmail or of an SMTP server.
  • To work, please ensure the following settings are included in you php.ini file:
    • Linux Web Server
      • sendmail_path = ""C:xamppsendmailsendmail.exe" -t"
    • Windows Web Server
      • SMTP = localhost
      • smtp_port = 25
      • sendmail_from =
  • The problem with mail() is that it “tries” to simplify things to the point that it actually makes things more complex due to poor interface design.
  • Serious drawbacks when using this Transport are:
    • Unpredictable message headers which may result in improperly rendered message bodies (misformatted html).
    • Lack of feedback regarding delivery failures
  • However, if you don't have access to your php.ini settings, nor have available mail server on the system, this may be a workaround.

Using an SMTP Server is highly recommended for email because it gives a more reliable mail delivery system.  The SMTP Server Settings must be filled out in the 'Use php's mail() function' is not checked! 

  • The SMTP settings are standard entries as used in any email program to send mail, and are mail server specific.

The "Turn SMTP Debugging On" setting turns on additional debugging output whenever the SMTP mailing system is used, if system Error Reporting is also turned on.


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