Migrated items don't seem to appear, or disappear after editing an item

Because Exponent 2.0 uses 'aggregation instead of the 0.9x concept of 'reused content', there isn't a one-for-one migration.

A reused module in 0.9x actually uses the same module and places it on several pages.  In 2.0, you can only have a module appear once, but can add a second module and aggregate the content from the first module.

An issue arises when the original module on the 0.9x site was deleted and the 'copy' still remains.  The deleted module is migrated as a deleted module, but aggregating to a deleted module isn't possible, though at first, it kinda works until you edit something.

Fix: Run the 'Repair Database' command from the Exponent, Developer Tools, Database menu.

Alternate Fix:  it is NOT simple and requires you go into the 0.9x site database and edit/swap the following values between modules of the same 'source'.  

  1. Fisrt, find the 'source' of the affected module, this would also be in an item source.  It will most likely be similar to '@random48e79c9faf65a' but with different numbers.
  2. Next, browse the 'sectionref' table to locate the TWO or more records using that value for their 'source' field.
    • Notice the 'refcount' to determine how many copies there are, 1 is a single copy, 1000 is a hard-coded module.
    • The 'is_original; field show which module is considered the original one.  You'll need to swap these by editing both records and changing the 0 to 1 and 1 to 0.
  3. Nex, browse to the 'container' table and locate the TWO or more records which contain the source as part of the 'internal' field using the '%LIKE%' search type.
    • Notice the 'is_existing' field is 0 for the original module and 1 for the copy/copies.
    • Edit and change the 'is_existing' fields from 0 to 1 and 1 to 0
  4. Next, you'll need to re-migrate your content.
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