Mobile Theme Variation

A theme may have a mobile (small device) variation by using one or more separate theme template files.  If available, these mobile templates are selected and used for mobile browsers in place of the standard theme or subtheme templates. Whenever the site determines it's being veiwed on a small device or is forced into 'mobile' mode, an additional link is placed at the bottom of each page to allow switching between the 'mobile' and 'classic' view.  There is a 'Force Mobile' setting on the Site Configuration Display tab to aid in developing mobile theme variations on large screen devices such as PC's.

Mobile themes allow a designer to create variations to the main theme and/or subthemes (template) that may be more appropriate for small screen devices.  In practice, mobile themes typically differ from the standard theme by removing extraneous information and simplifying the display.

All mobile theme template files are stored in the 'mobile' folder in inside your theme's folder.  Exponent attempts to use a mobile theme template with the same name as the selected standard theme or subtheme template.  In the event a mobile version of a subtheme template is unavailable, it will attempt to use the default mobile theme template.  If for some reason, the system can not locate the default mobile theme template, it will revert to using the standard template.

The default mobile theme template is named 'index.php and is placed in the 'mobile' folder. You may create additional mobile theme templates with the same names as any existing subtheme templates.  Mobile subtheme templates will only be used if a same-named subtheme exists in the 'subthemes' folder.

It's sometimes easier to create a mobile theme template by making a copy of the main theme template 'index.php' or a subtheme template, placing it in the 'mobile' folder, and then editing it.

The format for a mobile theme template is identical to the standard Exponent theme template.

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